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Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our commitment to our clients is to simplify the borrowing process. We take the time to learn about our client, their business, and their goals and then act as their advocate to the marketplace of lenders. We work with banks and credit unions, as well as private lenders (everything from single investors to hedge funds to insurance investment funds). This provides clients with options that fit their situation with better terms than they would often find on their own. We work with the client throughout the process, handling all lender communication, completion of necessary documents, and communication with all other parties involved in the lending process. We also handle post-closing communication with lenders, assist clients with meeting the loan covenants, and process construction draws if applicable.

Our Commitment to Our Lenders

We will work to understand lenders specific programs and criteria. This allows us to send requests that will more likely fall into your preferred realm. We will take the time to explain the requirements it may take to close a loan, including documentation and timeframes to each borrower. This helps prevent frustrations that may occur when a borrower does not fully understand the lending process. We will manage the communication between all of the parties and present situations in a positive light to strengthen the relationship.

We are advocates for our lenders as much as we are for our clients. We’ve found that this approach builds strong relationships and creates winning situations for all involved.

What We Offer

We can assist you in your financing needs, take a look at our different options.